Volunder, the Blacksmith Rhino
Quick Facts
Role Tank/Top
Damage Type Physical/Magical
Ore Cost 905 Ore
Jade Cost 335 Jade
Volunder, the Blacksmith Rhino, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play him, you need to purchase him from the in-game store.


In their youth, Volunder and his brother, Kru'El were treading the path of villains.

One day a peculiar event took place and Kru'El lashed out at Volunder, physically striking him.

The single strike; that one blow was enough to knock Volunder's senses off their axis. His perspective changed and, in that moment, Volunder realized how poor his decisions had been.

Without striking back, he turned and walked away from his brother. That was the last time he had seen or heard from Kru'El.

Since then, Volunder has sworn to gain redemption for his actions and repent his moral errors. 

He fills his time as a Blacksmith, forging weaponry for those that seek to keep peace and justice in the world.

From time to time, in between moments of crafting blades and armor, while the heat from his hearth pulses, he wonders about his brother.

Fates Forever - Unveiling Volunder, the Blacksmith Rhino

Fates Forever - Unveiling Volunder, the Blacksmith Rhino



Heating Up (Passive)

Basic attacks increase Volunder's attack speed as well as lower the cooldown of Molten Bash.

Molten Bash

Passive: Volunder gains bonus attack damage.

Active: Volunder's next basic attack deals bonus magical damage in a small area around his target.


Fracturing Shout

Passive: Volunder gains bonus armor.

Active: Volunder shouts with enough fury to shatter his opponents gear, dealing physical damage and lowering their armor for a short period of time.


Forging Blow

Volunder hurls a hammer in target direction, dealing physical damage and stunning the first target hit. 

Brutal Might (Ultimate)

With all his might, Volunder spins for a few seconds, dealing physical damage to all enemies around him. After a few seconds, he leaps ino the air and slams down, knocking up and damaging all enemies struck.


Text Audio
"Protect the good; demolish the bad!"
"I shall forge a path to victory."
"A craftsman cannot be defeated!"


Volunder is primarily suited for tank, but could easily play Top. His utility and crowd control makes him a powerful disruptor in team fights while fracturing shout can allow other heroes like May to deal immense amounts of damage or allow himself to duel effectively


Vale of Redemption Guide - Volunder  Slightly out of date, but a good resource to start.