The Vale of Redemption is the map where two teams of 3 Contestants battle to victory in order earn their freedom from the Ancient's curse.

The LanesEdit

The 3v3 map consists of two lanes, commonly known as 'top' and 'bot' by players. The lanes are protected with Towers and travels from Suppressor to Suppressor. Here you can see the Tributes, who are bound to the Vale of Redemption, walk towards to the centre of each lane, eager to battle.

It is common to have one player positioned in the upper lane (top), with a second player ready at the lower lane (bot). These two players gain their gold income and experience by last-hitting the enemy Tributes that fight in the lanes.


Towers are powerful structures that defend against incoming tributes, they often deal heavy damage to heroes and gives a advantage to the allied hero if two were dueling under the tower. Two must be destroyed to assess the suppressor and four to access the gyro


Suppressors are vunerablee buildings that prevent super tributes from spawning, when destroyed it may respawn after a period of time but if destroyed, gives to opposing team an advantage of pushing power. Suppressors while active protect the two inner towers and the gyro

The JungleEdit

In between the two lanes lies the jungle. Here you will find jungle critters, as well as two Shrines placed at the edges of the jungle.

It is common to have the third player play in the jungle, gaining their source of gold income and experience via killing jungle critters. It is a popular choice amongst Junglers to use Decimate as their selected Relic, so that they are able to clear camps of jungle critters with ease.


The Shrines, located within the jungle, are very important parts of the game that could ultimately determine the outcome of the match. If a contestant is briefly positioned within the center of a Shrine, they are able to capture it, granting themselves and all allied Contestants with bonus gold. Capturing both Shrines will grant your team 10% bonus Attack Damage and Spell Power on all attacks and abilities.

The GyroEdit

The gyro is the most important building of them all, if destroyed the team who destroyed it wins the game

The ShopEdit

The Shop is found at the furthest edges of the Vale. Standing within range will give you access to the Shop's menu, where you are able to purchase a list of items that will boost your Contestant's stats and abilities.

The Shop acts as the spawning point for all Contestants. If a player recalls or takes lethal damage, they will teleport back to their allied Shop after a brief moment. It also provides protection from enemy Contestants, dealing high amounts of damage to those who try to trespass the Shop's borders.