The Patch notes for v1.5 were released on August 28th, 2013 on the Hammer and Chisel Forums. The Patch notes included:


  • Gold: Last-hitting a tribute, you will now grant gold. Gold will be used to spend on items in the in-game Shop, once implemented.
  • Stop Command: Tapping two fingers on the screen will now issue a command that will cause the Contestant to completely restrain from all movement and attack, even if standing next to an enemy.
  • Practice Match: New players entering Fates Forever for the first time are now required to complete an all-Bots match before they can play with other humans.


  • 'Learn to play' button on the main menu. Pressing it brings up the Tutorial section, where the player can find guides that explain the aspects of Fates Forever. Such as:
    • How the Structures in the game work.
    • The fundamentals of the Contestants, and
    • An overview of the Jungle and Shrines
  • ​Huge UI Overhaul and iPad Mini Stability Improvements
  • Various bug fixes and design changes