Preview of Tributes

Tributes are rodent-like creatures who are born to battle, and are prepared to die, on the Vale Of Redemption. There are four types of lane Tributes, as well as Jungle Critters.

Melee TributesEdit

Melee tributes are tributes that attack with a short ranged weapon, they are slightly more tankier than ranged tributes but deal less damage.

Ranged TributesEdit

Ranged tributes deal more damage but are less tanky and give less gold.

Siege TributesEdit

Siege tributes are very tanky minions that also deal more damage than ranged tributes, they spawn every second wave and are great pushing minions.

Enraged TributesEdit

Enraged tributes are very powerful and tanky minions that spawn in the place of seige minions every wave, they are only spawned by destroying the opposing suppressor but are limited until the suppressor respawns.

Jungle CrittersEdit

To be added

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