This is a page that is create for the admins to keep an ongoing list of items to improve and add to our site to make it a better experience for all. 

Pages Needing Editing/UpdatingEdit

  • Champion Pages
    • Item Builds (working with Freewell from the official forums)
    • Images and layout of abilities.
    • Cost section removed. Unessecary information due it being on Infobox.
    • Work on making a detailed, by level, analysis of basic stats (Collapsable Table would work best).
    • Get an experienced voice to weight in on Character Roles.
    • Customize the Infobox a bit.
  • Items
    • Customize the InfoboxItem a bit.
    • Evaluate a way we show item builds.
    • The Items page needs to have the sortable table added to.

Pages Needing CreationEdit

Item List (in progress)Edit

Item List - Alphabetical
Icon Name Item Type
Ajaxsdecimator Ajax's Decimator Attack
Guardianemblem Guardian Emblem Health
Zenchastea Zencha's Tea Consumable