Telesa is a town in the world of Fates Forever.

It is home to Telesa's Militia, and to the sport of professional Boomerbang, where Arame Arame, The Swift Squirrel goes to train. There are currently no Contestant lores which depict the visible environment around Telesa.

Associated CharactersEdit


Nasu, who is speculated to have the appearance of a bear, is the older brother of Arame. Unlike Arame, he is described to have an exuberant personality, with a deep voice and a cheeful attitude. He is highly skilled in combat, and has thus gained recognition as a well known soldier in Telesa's Militia. Nasu's reputation has earned him the opportunity to go on a noble expedition to Talonguard. Arame felt sorrow over Nasu's departure, however she is left comforted by the memory of their last hug and from his advice:

“I know this might seem insane and I know you don’t want me to go. I want to tell you to be strong and I want to tell you to be brave but perhaps what is most needed is that you be bold. Boldness makes an impression and changes others. Boldness can inspire the world."

Associated ContestantsEdit

Some of the Contestants share relations with Telesa.

Contestant Ties
Arame Arame, The Swift Squirrel Birthplace and Residence; locally trains Boomerbang