Talonguard is a place in the world of Fates Forever.

It is renowned for being a very mysterious and dangerous place for those who seek to travel there.

Associated CharactersEdit

The RedeemersEdit

The Redeemers were a group that took an expedition to the depths of Talonguard over a decade ago. It is unsure what purposes they had for the place, but they never returned. Since then, the Brilliant Academy have been able gather a wealth of knowledge about the place. It is now believed that, whatever lies inside Talonguard, may help the people of Fates Forever to overcome The Ancient's curse.


After being recruited for his reputation in the Telesa's Militia, Nasu, the older brother of Arame Arame, has also taken on an expedition to Talonguard in order to help discover its mysteries. Nasu hopes that his discoveries will potentially assist in curing curse they were given by The Ancient.

Associated ContestantsEdit

Some of the Contestants share relations with Talonguard.

Contestant Ties
Dim Dim, The Solar Mole Wishes to search the depths of Talonguard
Arame Arame, The Swift Squirrel Sister of Nasu, who is on an expedition to Talonguard