Modo and Tago recalling.

Recall is an ability accessible by all players, regardless of the Contestant they are playing.

This ability causes the Contestant to channel for 7 seconds before being teleported to their allied Shop where they will then be able to regenerate their Health and Mana pool, as well as purchase items.


Recall is activated by holding down two fingers onto the touchscreen. If the player lets go before the channel is completed, the ability will be cancelled. The Contestant can also interrupt the channel if an ability is used or if they take damage from an enemy unit.

The recall animation shows four purple rings which slowly appear and descend onto the Contestant, surrounding them until the channel is completed.


Homebound is a Relic, unlocked at player level 11, which significantly improves the cast time of Recall.

Selecting the relic for a match will passively reduce the Recall cast time by 1 second, allowing your chosen Contestant to recall in 6 seconds. Additionally, Homebound has an active called "Quick Recall" which allows your Contestant to return to base after a mere 3 second channel.