Radiant Piercer

Item Type Attack
Gold Cost 2,225 Gold
Sell Price 1,669 Gold
Stats +40 Attack Damage
Passive Pierce

Physical damage dealt ignores 30% of the targets armor.

Consume Unknown

"Narrow and piercing. Armor beware. Provides damage and ignores armor."

An item that you can use to build your Contestant's stats and abilities. The item can be found under the "Attack" section of the Shop. 

Most Suited ForEdit

This weapon is most suite for Contestants who rely heavily on Attack Damage, such as:

RenwilRenwil VolunderVolunder



Note: Contestants that this will benefit need to be evaluated/updated. These are placeholders. 

Builds FromEdit

Squiressword Squire's Sword   +  Rapier Rapier  +  950Gold

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