Not much is known about the Radiant Kingdom or it's ruler, the Radiant King.

The following items may have originated from the Radiant Kingdom:


Markus was the Radiant King's best knight, and also Skippard's mentor. Skippard admired Markus' courageous personality and wished to be as talented as he once was. However, an unfortunate event, during their battles on the Vale Of Redemption, lead to Markus' tragic demise.

Skippard now aims to fight the Ancient's tournaments in Markus' honour. After receiving Markus' sword, May, The Radiant Lynx, vows to take revenge on the warrior that killed him.

One of Skippard's abilities, Handofmarkus Hand of Markus, is named after his noble teacher.

Associated ContestantsEdit

Some of the Contestants share relations with the Radiant Kingdom.

Contestant Ties
Skippard Skippard, The Exiled Frog Squire of the Radiant Kingdom; self-exiled after Markus' death
May May, The Radiant Lynx Worked as a guard on duty in the Kingdom's watchtowers