Ore Ore is one of the two forms of currency used in Fates Forever. Unlike Jade Jade, Ore is obtained as a reward after battling in matches, completing Daily Quests and levelling up your player level. Currently, Ore can only be used to purchase Contestants from the store.

A player will earn, on average, about 40-60 Ore per match that ends in defeat, and about 60-80 Ore per match that ends in victory.

More information will be added here, very soon.

Contestant PricesEdit

Contestant Ore Price
Renwil Renwil, The Gluttonous Warthog 300 Ore
Dim Dim, The Solar Mole 905 Ore
Cottontail Cottontail, The Bandit Hare 2,110 Ore
Skippard Skippard, The Exiled Frog 4,220 Ore
May May, The Radiant Lynx 500 Ore
Elroc Elroc, The Angry Bard 2,110 Ore
Volunder Volunder, The Blacksmith Rhino 905 Ore
Leechi Lee Chi, The Planting Panda 2,110 Ore
Modoandtago Modo and Tago, The Stopping Snails 4,220 Ore
Brunojoe Bruno Joe, The Champion Pup 4,220 Ore
Mona Mona, The Shockingly Slow Loris N/A
Kruel Kru'El, The Plague Crocodile N/A
Colchester Colchester, The Lawful Mouse N/A
Arame Arame, The Swift Squirrel N/A