Modo and Tago, The

Stopping Snails

Quick Facts
Role Support
Damage Type Magical
Ore Cost 4110 Ore
Jade Cost 450 Jade
Modo and Tago, The Stopping Snails, are playable characters in Fates Forever. In order to play them, you need to purchase them from the in-game store.


The big city of Nerash loomed out in the distance while Tago observed it from a moving freight train. He returned to Modo, who sat tucked within the barrels of cargo -- content with the ride and enjoying the moment.

Tago turned back towards the open fields which seperated him from the place he longed for. He ached to be a part of a bustling world.

Instead he and his brother found themselves rolling along train tracks towards the Kor'al Sea Side where they will be able to get some work doing sea farming. With gold in hand, they would find a place to live. They would find food to eat. Tago sighed with impatience and turned back to Modo who was fast asleep with a slight smile on his face.

Fates Forever - Unveiling Modo and Tago, the Stopping Snails01:40

Fates Forever - Unveiling Modo and Tago, the Stopping Snails



Magic Slime (Passive)

All of Modo and Tago's abilities apply slime to their enemies which slow their movement speed for a short duration.  

Slimy Spittle

Tago spits a ball of slime at target enemy, dealing magical damage and reducing their attack speed for a few seconds.

Slimy Spray

Modo and Tago expunge a cloud of magic slime in a small area around themselves, dealing magical damage. 

Memnite Fortitude

Modo and Tago retreat into their shell, reducing damage taken. After a short period of time, they pop out of the shell and knock up all nearby enemies, dealing magical damage. 

Slime Zone (Ultimate)

Modo and Tago erupt a large area of slime, dealing heavy magical damage.


Modo and Tago work well as a Support or Tank, he can effectively crowd control by slowing enemies using his abilities and making choke points by knocking up enemies with his metamorphic hardening ability


Build: Modo and Tago Contestant Guide on the Fates Forever forum by Arkay

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