May, The Radiant Lynx
Quick Facts
Role Jungler/Support
Damage Type Physical/Magical
Ore Cost 500 Ore
Jade Cost 190 Jade

May, The Radiant Lynx, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play her, you need to purchase her from the in-game store.


One day, while up in her watchtower on guard duty, May noticed Skippard approaching her with a strange look on his face.

Skippard was shy and kept to himself, so he rarely climbed the tower to greet May. This combined with the look on his face told her something terrible had happened.

She met Skippards gaze -- a gaze filled with grief, shamed and defeat. Oddly, he was mixed with sternness and responsability.

Skippard produced an all-too familiar sword and laid it on the ground in front of her.

"Markus!" She burst into tears, grasping the sword as Skippard turned to walk away.

In a fit of confliced emotional anquish, she grasped an arrow and shot it toward him, intentionally missing...but wishing it didn't.

Skippard paused for a moment. May fell to the ground, grasping Markus's sword, drenching it in tears, vowing to get revenge on the warrior that killed him.

Without turning around, Skippard began his walk down the staircase, wiping away tears of his own.

Fates Forever - Unveiling May, the Radiant Lynx (Updated)02:04

Fates Forever - Unveiling May, the Radiant Lynx (Updated)



Eyes of the Lynx (Passive)

Enemies dealt damage by May are revealed to her and her allies. 

Radiant Volley

May shoots a volley of radiant arrows at target area, dealing physical damage.

Weak Spot Shot

May's keen eyesight allows her to focus on her enemies weak spot. Her next basic attack ignores a percentage of her targets armor. 

Binding Bolt

May shoots a binding bolt in target direction that ensnares the first target hit, dealing physical damage.

Massive Golden Arrow (Ultimate)

May releases a massive golden arrow in target direction,dealing magical damage and stunning the first Contestant hit. 


May works well as a Jungler, Support or a DPS hero. She is a physical attack hero that has most of her damage in her autoattacks. She works well with attack damage and attack speed while life steal adds some sustain to her.

ResourcesMay - The Radiant Lynx Guide!  Guide on the Fates Forever forum by GrassdudeEdit

Vale of Redemption Guide - May Slightly out of date, but a good resource to start. 

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