Kru'El, the Plague Crocodile
Quick Facts
Role Top
Damage Type Magic
Ore Cost 4,220 Ore
Jade Cost 555 Jade

Kru'El, the Plague Crocodile, is a playable character in Fates Forever. He was released on the 15th of September, 2014 during the Patch 2.10. Kru'El is Volunder's unjust brother, making them the first pair of siblings to be introduced to Fates Forever. Kru'El's name is a wordplay of 'cruel', a word which largely describes his theme.


Deep within the Very Cursed Woods past many twists, bends, and curves stands a single wooden stump with its top splayed open. A foul vortex of energy encircles the splintered maw of the stump warding away all living things.

Inside the unsettling stump, a cavernous tree catacomb houses the evil lair of Kru'El and his minions.

Kru'El engraved the last part of his plans into the walls of his tree lair with one of his extended reptilian claw. He took a step back, analyzing the scheme with evil intent.

Vyle, his assistant, crept into the room. An evil grin took over Kru'El's face as he perused his nefarious plot.

"You're looking absolutely disgusting today."

"Thank you, sir."

"How is the plan coming along, your putridness?"

Kru'El lifted his finger towards the carved image of a large town.

"That wretched city of Jade will soon fall ill." He grinned returning his arm to his side.

"The plague will sear the land." Kru'El slammed his staff into the ground with great force.

"Anyone who stands in my way will end up in a blistered cesspool of their own demise!"

"Are you not concerned about Volunder's intervention?" Vyle questioned.

Kru'El let out a growling laughter. "Of course not, Vyle! Without Volunder, this whole plan would be too easy. If we guaranteed a victory then I would derive no pleasure. The spider constructs a web many times its own size to match its ambition and not its belly."

Vyle gave a questioning look at Kru'El. "Your madness impresses and astounds me, your putridness."


Pestilence (Passive)
Kru’El’s abilities apply pestilence which damages over time. If an enemy dies with pestilence on it, it explodes dealing damage and applying pestilence to those around it. With his last breath, Kru’El will apply pestilence to himself on death, exploding after a short delay. Data to come.
Malevolent Grasp
Malevolent grasp
Kruel calls on the underworld and hands reach up from the ground, damaging enemies and ensnaring them. Data to come.
Ethereal Bolts
Creates at plague pool at target location, dealing damage to all enemies within it and healing Kru’El for a percent of the damage dealt. Data to come.
Creates at plague pool at target location, dealing damage to all enemies within it and healing Kru’El for a percent of the damage dealt. Data to come.
Constriction (Ultimate)
After a short delay Kru’El constricts his opponents, pulling all enemies to the center of an area and damaging them. Data to come.

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