Jade Jade is a form of currency used in Fates Forever which is purchasable with real money. It is currently used to purchase Contestants from the store, which can also be purchased with Ore Ore.

More information will be added here, very soon.

Contestant PricesEdit

Contestant Jade Price
Renwil Renwil, The Gluttonous Warthog 150 Jade
Dim Dim, The Solar Mole 335 Jade
Cottontail Cottontail, The Bandit Hare 450 Jade
Skippard Skipppard, The Exiled Frog 555 Jade
May May, The Radiant Lynx 190 Jade
Elroc Elroc, The Angry Bard 450 Jade
Volunder Volunder, The Blacksmith Rhino 335 Jade
Leechi Lee Chi, The Planting Panda 450 Jade
Modoandtago Modo and Tago, The Stopping Snails 555 Jade
Brunojoe Bruno Joe, The Champion Pup 555 Jade
Mona Mona, The Shockingly Slow Loris N/A
Kruel Kru'El, The Plague Crocodile N/A
Colchester Colchester, The Lawful Mouse N/A
Arame Arame, The Swift Squirrel N/A

Jade PriceEdit

USD to Jade conversion table:

Jade US $0.0173
US $1 57.7812 Jade

The following table shows the Jade bundles purchasable in the store:

Jade 375 Jade 796 Jade 1,615 Jade 2,885 Jade 4,151 Jade 8,654 Jade
US Dollar $6.49 $12.99 $24.99 $43.99 $64.99 $129.99
AU Dollar* $6.95 $13.90 $26.75 $47.10 $69.50 $139.00
GB Pounds* £3.80 £7.60 £14.60 £25.65 £37.95 £75.85
  • Currency conversions may change over time

Lore and GameplayEdit

Lore, and areas in gameplay, that involves Jade: