This is the value of an item's price in relation to the statistics that it provides to the buyer. The gold value of an item can be determined by using basic items as a guideline. A basic item is an item that grants just one statistic and does not build off any other item, but will most certainly build into more expensive items.

Base Statistic PricesEdit

The gold value of an item's statistics is derived from the least expensive basic item that provides only that statistic.

Statistic Base Item Item Cost Statistic Raised Value
Attack Damage Squiressword Squire's Sword 400 Gold 10 Attack Damage 40
Attack Speed BanditsCloth Bandits Cloth 400 Gold 15% Attack Speed 26.66
Spell Power Spelltome Spell Tome 435 Gold 20 Spell Power 21.75
Mana Managem Mana Gem 400 Gold 200 Mana 2
Mana Regeneration Crackedtrinket Cracked Trinket 180 Gold 0.6 Mana Regen 300
Health Healthgem Health Gem 475 Gold 180 Health 2.64
Health Regeneration Regenerationstone Regeneration Stone 180 Gold 1 Health Regen 180
Armor Squiresarmor Squire's Armor 300 Gold 15 Armor 20
Spell Resistance Antimagicscales Anti Magic Scales 400 Gold 20 Spell Armor 20
Movement Speed Ancientboots Ancient Boots 325 Gold 25 Movement Speed 13

Cooldown Reduction, Life Steal, Spell Penetration and Armor Penetration are not found alone on any Basic Items. So their Gold/Stat Value will be determined from the cheapest item available, removing all other statistics that it provides.

Statistic Base Item Item Cost Statistic Raised Value
Cooldown Reduction Vitalizer Vitalizer 272 Gold (without HP) 10% CDR 27.2
Life Steal VeryCursedBlade Very Cursed Blade 400 Gold (without AD) 10% Life Steal 40
Spell Penetration Brilliantslippers Brilliant Slippers 425 Gold (without MS) 20 Spell Pen. 21.25
Armor Penetration Corrupter Corrupter 330 Gold (without AD) 10 Armor Pen. 33