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Fates Forever is a game created by Hammer & Chisel. This Wiki is maintained by both players and developers, which serves to explain anything you could want to know about Fates Forever.


Free Contestants (7/14 - 7/20)

Volunder Modo & Tago Bruno Joe
Volunder Modoandtago Brunojoe

Full Contestant List

Renwil Dim Cottontail
Renwil Dim Cottontail
Skippard May Elroc
Skippard May Elroc
Volunder Lee Chi Modo & Tago
Volunder Leechi Modoandtago
Bruno Joe Mona Kru'el
Brunojoe Mona Kruel
Arame Colchester
Arame Colchester

Getting Started

New to MOBAs or to Fates Forever? Here are some resources to help you get started on your journey into the Vale of Redemption. 

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena - Fates Forever Edition by Grassdude on the Official Fates Forever forum. 

Full Guide by Dainank on the Official Fates Forever forum.

Welcome new guys. Take this! by Grassdude on the Offical Fates Forever forum.

Orb Walking - Guide (Sort of) by Grassdude on the Official Fates Forever forum.

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Fates Forever Introduction Cinematic

Fates Forever Introduction Cinematic

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