Elroc, The Angry Bard
Quick Facts
Role Top/Jungler/Tank
Damage Type Magical/Physical
Ore Cost 2110 Ore
Jade Cost 450 Jade
Elroc, The Angry Bard, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play him, you need to purchase him from the in-game store.


Elroc was orignally part of the famous traveling musicians, "Cardinal Rock".

After many disagreements with the lead singer (who the Bard was very jealous of), the band kicked him out of the group.

Bitter and bummed, Elroc decided to try his hand at quick wealth -- by mining for Jade in Nerash.

Quickly, Elroc displayed his prowess and expertise. In no time, he was promoted to a demolitions expert. 

While now wealthy and plump, Elroc is still pissed about the band incident.

Fates Forever - Unveiling Elroc, the Angry Bard

Fates Forever - Unveiling Elroc, the Angry Bard



Stress Relief  (Passive)

Whenever Elroc kills a unit he restores a small amount of health and mana.

Bangin' Blue Bombs

Elroc throws a blue bomb at target location, dealing magical damage to enemies and buildings. Buildings receive half damage. 

Thrashing Anger

Passive: Whenever Elroc kills a unit, he permanently gains a small health bonus.

Active: Elroc becomes enraged, gaining a bonus physical damage and extended attack range.


Slow Roller

Elroc throws a line of red bombs that explode, dealing magical damage to and reducing the movement speed of enemies. 

Grand Finale (Ultimate)

Elroc throws a large yellow bomb at target location, dealing heavy magical damage and knocking enemies away from the blast.


Elroc is fairly versatile. Depend on how you build, he can fulfil many roles. In particular he is a very capable Tank and due to his magical damage nuking ability, he can fufil the role of Top and Jungler. 


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