Dim, The Solar Mole
Quick Facts
Role Support
Damage Type Magical
Ore Cost 905 Ore
Jade Cost 335 Jade
Dim, The Solar Mole, is a playable character in Fates Forever. In order to play him, you need to purchase him from the in-game store.


Dim, fascinated with the sun, spent an inordinate amount of time gazing at it. Dim's eyes began to worsen.

Seeking consolation, Dim blindly headed to the Brilliant Monastery to bathe in the suns warmth.

When the Ancient beckoned a tournament, Dim chose to fight for his eyesight.

Fates Forever - Unveiling Dim, the Solar Mole01:51

Fates Forever - Unveiling Dim, the Solar Mole



Sunburn (Passive)

All of Dims offensive abilities burn an enemy for a percentage of their maximum health over a short period of time.

Light Line

Dim creates a burning path on the ground. The path erupts, dealing magical damageand then burning the ground for a bit, harming enemies who step on it.


Dim fires a blast of sun energy at target enemy, dealing magical damage.


Dim becomes immune to physical damage. He then explodes his shield, dealing magical damage to his opponents.

Solar Flare (Ultimate)

Dim creates a solar flare at target location which explodes after a short delay, dealing magical damage and stunning all enemies struck.


Dim's role in Fates Forever is typically Support but can be a powerful Mage with his offensive abilities. His Infuse/Explode ability prevents him from dying to assassins and DPS Contestants like May and Cottontail. His AOE potential with Solar Flare and Light Line can quickly turn around fights and shread teams.


Vale of Redemption Guide - Dim Slightly out of date, but a good resource to start. 

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