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Contestants are the playable characters in the Fates Forever. Players are split into teams of 3 and combat one another in the Vale of Redemption. Each Contestant has a different abilities that can be buffed through items. Each Contestant has a role (Tank, Support, Top, Jungler) and depending on how you build them with items, can take on additional roles. As you complete matches, you gain experience that you can level and gain Relics, which supplement your Contestant's stock abilities. Currently there are 14 playable characters.

Full Contestant ListEdit

Renwil Dim Cottontail
Renwil Dim Cottontail
Skippard May Elroc
Skippard May Elroc
Volunder Lee Chi Modo & Tago
Volunder Leechi Modoandtago
Bruno Joe Mona Kru'el
Brunojoe Mona Kruel
Arame Colchester
Arame Colchester

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